UK Project Manager Travels Country on Scooter for Charity

An energetic UK project manager has done his bit for charity by travelling the length of the country on a scooter.

Chris Baister from Maidenhead made the charity trip from Land’s End to John O’Groats on a push scooter. The UK project manager managed to raise an impressive £2,700 for the Children in Need cause in the process.

The epic trip lasted for 23 days and saw Chris covering 1,270 miles, with even the British weather being fairly kind to him during that time. Along the way he also found the energy to scale three of the country’s national peaks.

The 37 year old project manager took 3 weeks off work to undertake the challenge. He was understandably delighted to have completed it. He said that the experience was “amazing”, even though he didn’t have a lot of time to soak up the scenery along his route.

Proud of his Achievement

Chris said that that he is “proud of what I’ve achieved”. He set out to complete an average of 60 miles each day. Afterwards, he said that he was pleased to meet so many different people who showed an interest in his venture.

This bold UK project manager named his scooter Pudsey. It was donated to him by a local scooter shop and he called scooting “a great way to travel” as well as being “good exercise”.

He hopes to now raise even more cash for Children in Need thanks to an upcoming raffle. Among the prizes are a signed cycling top and a scooter.

While not everyone has the time and energy needed for this sort of charity event, it certainly gives us some inspiration for carrying out deeds for good causes in the future. It might even encourage a few project managers to take up scooting for exercise.

It may also work to relieve project management stress or as an environmentally friendly way of getting to work from now on.