Could Artificial Intelligence Bots Run Better Projects Than You?

We all want to run better projects but could artificial intelligence be the secret? The arrival of artificial intelligence has certainly caused a bit of a storm in many different fields and industries.

For instance, the DeepMind experiment from Google has produced some impressive results in recent times. These include such varied tasks as helping doctors during surgery, detecting objects in images and beating board game champions.

Other exciting results come from IBM’s Watson. This AI creation is able to do things such as work out your personality based on your Twitter activity.

So, is it only a matter of time before an AI bot runs better projects than you?  Certainly, it would appear that is an area that could see interesting AI developments in the future.

AI Bots to Help Achieve Better Projects

Perhaps the best possible scenario for projects managers would be that in which artificial intelligence is used to help them rather than replace them. Can you imagine how great it would be to have an AI assistant that does all of the tasks that you hate?

Having a bot clear out your inbox, search through documents and sift information would certainly be good news. Even a highly experienced PRINCE2 qualified project manager could do with a helping hand now and then.

Perhaps the most useful situation would be one in which you could use the power of artificial intelligence to analyse vast amounts of data more easily. If you need to create a plan based on tons of facts and figures then this could be a welcome helping hand.

Of course, one of the key features with AI is that it becomes better over time, as it learns and improves. Since you will do the same then you can expect to have better projects every time in this way.

Could AI Bots Replace Human Project Managers

If there is one thing that we have learned from recent technological advances and workplace trends it is to never say never. Some of the most amazing advances in recent years would have seemed simply impossible not too long ago.

However, at this moment in time it seems difficult to imagine running a project without a human project manager in there. After all, the human touch and soft skills that you bring to the work are a big – if often under-rated – part of the role.

For the moment, it seems most likely that AI bots would work with us instead of replacing us. However, there is no doubt that this is an area that could see a lot of changes in the years to come.