Avoid Project Sickness for a Healthy Career

Can you avoid project sickness to stop it getting you down? Your doctor will never mention this phrase to you but if you work as a project manager then there is a chance that this is exactly what it getting you down.

If you are suffering for a sore head, an upset stomach or some other recurring health issues then maybe the following points will help you to feel better.

Don’t Work Too Long Each Day

It is far too easy for project managers to end up working incredibly long hours every single day. After all, if there is a lot to be done and very little time in which to do it then there might seem like no other way out.

Yet, working too many hours on a regular basis is almost guaranteed to give you some form of project sickness. You might go home with a sore head or you might end up completely burned out after a while.

If you plan your project well and have a good team to support you then it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid project sickness in this way. In addition, by taking your professional PRINCE2 training you can work as professionally and smoothly as possible.

Avoid Staring at the Screen All Day

Do you sometimes find that you spend hour after hour just staring at the screen? This is easily done when you get really heavily involved in a fascinating project. However, doing this too often could lead to nasty migraines and could even affect your vision in the long term.

This is why it is a good idea to take regular breaks from the screen. Just taking a stroll over to the coffee machine or looking out the window can be enough to ease the strain on your eyes.

Apart from helping to avoid project sickness, this approach can also ensure that you talk to the team of business analysts more. If you wander over for a coffee then it gives you a chance to exchange a few words with the rest of the project team at the same time.

Don’t Stress Too Much

We all know that stress can be one of the worst things for our health. Getting stressed out means running the risk of suffering from a range of related illnesses and conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and a range of other issues.

If you find that your stress levels are rising then it can be difficult to know what to do about it. Perhaps the best way to get started is to try and take a step back to view the overall piece of work.

Is there something you can do to make it easier for you to handle? Maybe you need some help or should be completely honest about the situation you find yourself in. Do you need a better way to communicate with stakeholders ?

You might also find that lowering your stress levels to avoid project sickness is to find a hobby outside of work that lets you forget all about milestones and risks for a few hours.

Take Your Days Off to Avoid Project Sickness

A common problem for project managers is that they let their holiday entitlement accrue and end up never taking the time that they are due. When things are hectic on a big project then you might feel very selfish when considering taking time off.

However, by taking time off you will get a better work-life balance and feel better overall. You should also find that your productivity gets a boost when you get back feeling refreshed and with your batteries recharged.

If you don’t want to go away on holiday then you might want to consider taking time off to get your PRINCE2 training sorted out. This will give you the benefits of getting a break and also getting professionally qualified at the same time.

Get Some Exercise

Being a project manager isn’t the healthiest of most active job in the world. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to sit about all day doing nothing.

Why not add some exercise to your day, to protect you against illness and to feel more energetic? Walking to work in the morning, going to the gym at lunchtime or doing some yoga at night are all effective ways of feeling fitter and healthier.