August 29, 2016

PRINCE2 Training Course Belfast


Our PRINCE2 Belfast training courses have been put together to give you the best possible training experience. If you are serious about a career in project management then these PRINCE2 Belfast courses are perfect for your needs.

There is no doubt that the lively capital of Northern Ireland is an exciting place to forge a career in project management. However, our PRINCE2 Belfast training courses also give you the skills and the confidence to take your career anywhere that suits you.

To get going, your first step is to consider the level of PRINCE2 Belfast training course that is right for you just now. This means choosing between the entry level Foundation course and the more advance PRINCE2 Belfast Practitioner training.

So, what can you expect when the course dates come along and you head over for your training? The truth is that we hope you will be pleasantly surprised at how friendly and welcoming the environment is.

We make great efforts to turn this into the sort of valuable yet enjoyable learning experience that you gain a great deal from. If you don’t normally like going on training courses then you will find that our PRINCE2 Belfast training is a lot more pleasant and friendly than many other courses.

PRINCE2 Belfast Training for a Busy Lifestyle

If you are already living a busy lifestyle and working as a project manager in Northern Ireland then don’t worry too much about how you will fit in your PRINCE2 Belfast training. We provide a highly flexible approach that lets you learn everything you need to know with a smile on your face.

Make the first moves towards a better career by finding the PRINCE2 Belfast training course that is right for you. In this way, you will be ready to get the career that you have been longing for in an easy and practical manner.

PRINCE2 Belfast Course Content

This PRINCE2 Belfast Foundation and Practitioner course is designed to get you working professionally and confidently on any type of project

Our PRINCE2 Belfast Foundation training is tailored to the official AXELOS syllabus:

  • PRINCE2 overview and the 7 core principles
  • PRINCE2 integrated elements
  • Themes covered by PRINCE2
  • The themes in terms of how they support PRINCE2 principles
  • PRINCE2 products
  • Project resources and responsibilities

PRINCE2 process stages

  • Starting up a new project
  • Directing a PRINCE2 project
  • Initiating a project
  • Control of a PRINCE2 project
  • Project delivery management
  • Stage boundary management in PRINCE2
  • Closing a completed PRINCE2 project

With PRINCE2 Belfast Practitioner courses you put the theory into practise

  • PRINCE2 7 key principles
  • PRINCE2 relationship management
  • PRINCE2 themes