August 29, 2016

PRINCE2 Training Course Birmingham


Our PRINCE2 Birmingham training sessions are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their project management career in the best way possible.

No matter what stage your career is at currently, with one of these PRINCE2 Birmingham courses you can gain valuable extra skills and lasting knowledge. This is because we offer PRINCE2 Birmingham courses at both the Foundation and Practitioner levels.

Your CV will shine more brightly and you will become more attractive to potential employers once you add this highly sought after certification to your existing qualifications. Going on this PRINCE2 Birmingham course could be exactly what you need to get the career and salary that you dream of.

There is a lot to pack in to these courses but we always make sure they are carried out in a relaxed and flexible manner too. You won’t be left stressed out or exhausted by your PRINCE2 Birmingham training sessions; instead you will enjoy the experience and should also find it to be very refreshing.

Benefits of PRINCE2 Birmingham Training

Of course, the benefits of your PRINCE2 Birmingham training will become immediately apparent to you once you head back to work afterwards. With your increased confidence and new-found knowledge you will find that project management work is more interesting and rewarding than ever before.

In this way, you can genuinely feel that you are embarking on an exciting new phase of your career after you complete your PRINCE2 Birmingham training. If work has felt dull or a bit pointless lately then you will feel fantastic when it starts to get exciting and worthwhile all over again.

Take a look at the available dates in order to find the perfect day to sort out your PRINCE2 Birmingham course. It is something that you will be proud of and that will benefit your career tremendously.

PRINCE2 Birmingham Course Content

Our PRINCE2 Birmingham Foundation and Practitioner courses are all about equipping you with the knowledge and confidence that you need to handle any PRINCE2 project in the future.

The PRINCE2 Birmingham Foundation training is in line with the AXELOS syllabus:

  • Overview of the 7 principles of PRINCE2
  • PRINCE2 tailoring and embedding
  • PRINCE2 themes such as risk, quality and business case
  • How PRINCE2 themes back up the principles
  • PRINCE2 products
  • PRINCE2 project resources, hierarchy and responsibility

PRINCE2 processes covered

  • Project starting up
  • Project directing
  • Project initiating
  • Project controlling
  • Project delivery managing
  • Stage boundary managing
  • Project closing

Our PRINCE2 Birmingham Practitioner training explains the practical application of the theory you learn

  • The  7 principles at the heart of PRINCE2
  • Customer / supplier relationships
  • Themes in PRINCE2 such as plans, risk and business case.