August 29, 2016

PRINCE2 Training Course Edinburgh


The PRINCE2 Edinburgh courses that we offer make the beautiful Scottish capital the ideal place to gain a powerful project management qualification. The knowledge that you learn on this PRINCE2 Edinburgh training will be relevant to the rest of your career in the industry.

Of course, we are fully aware that everyone lives busy lives these days, especially project managers who want to progress their career as far as possible. Because of this, we make every effort to provide a highly flexible approach that makes it easy to go on a PRINCE2 Edinburgh course.

Regardless of where you work just now, heading to Edinburgh for this project management course is definitely worth thinking about. By attending one of our PRINCE2 Edinburgh courses you can decide whether to look for the ideal job here or somewhere else.

Those who are fairly new to the world of project management can choose to build up their confidence with the quality PRINCE2 Edinburgh Foundation courses that we offer. If you are more highly experienced in the industry then you can opt for the PRINCE2 Edinburgh Practitioner courses with more advanced content.

Friendly PRINCE2 Edinburgh Training

No matter which of these PRINCE2 Edinburgh courses you decide to go on, you are going to find a warm and welcoming environment that helps you to learn everything that you want to do in comfort. Our PRINCE2 Edinburgh courses are all about making you feel good and ready to learn effectively.

If you want a career to be proud of and a salary that you love then our PRINCE2 Edinburgh training gives you an enjoyable way of doing this. After you complete the course you feel ready to move forwards in your career at a pace that suits you.

Don’t let the opportunity to take control of your career pass you by. Find the perfect date for going on PRINCE2 Edinburgh training with us.

PRINCE2 Edinburgh Course Content

These PRINCE2 Edinburgh Foundation and Practitioner courses are ideal for gaining confidence and competence for your future career in project management

The PRINCE2 Edinburgh Foundation training we offer sticks to the official AXELOS syllabus:

  • Overview of PRINCE2 and the 7 principles
  • PRINCE2 integrated elements, including tailoring and embedding
  • PRINCE2 themes
  • How these themes should support the PRINCE2 principles
  • Products in PRINCE2 – projects and management
  • Project resources and responsibilities

PRINCE2 processes

  • Starting up a PRINCE2 project
  • Directing a PRINCE2 project
  • Initiating a PRINCE2 project
  • Controlling a PRINCE2 project
  • Delivery management in a PRINCE2 project
  • Stage boundary management in a PRINCE2 project
  • Closing a PRINCE2 project

Our PRINCE2 Edinburgh Practitioner courses turn the theory into practical application

  • Overview of the 7 principles covered by PRINCE2
  • Relationships in PRINCE2 project work
  • PRINCE2 themes including change and progress, risk, business case and plans